Sono Nigeria Limited is a provider of Oil and Gas industry equipment and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Quality is not just another goal for Sono Nigeria Limited rather it is our basic strategy for business sustenance and future growth. At Sono, we shall always ensure high quality standards of products and services by using the best recommended practices in all our activities. In order to reinforce this philosophy, we have adopted ISO 9001 Standard of quality management as our specific quality assurance/quality control criteria.

Our quality objectives are to provide fit for purpose high quality products and services, on time, and at the most cost effective value.

To achieve these goals, Sono Nigeria Limited commits to the following:

1. Being accountable to all our customers, both internal and external, for the quality of our services and products and being committed to providing the best quality products and services at all times.

2. Making continuous improvement and innovation a part of our everyday business activity through the use of team participation, measurements and evaluation.

3. Consistently striving to improve our quality through learning, sharing, benchmarking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programmes.

4. Ensuring that our quality Policy and Procedure Manuals directly reflect facts that are obtainable in our organization.

5. Communicating our quality policy with our customers, employees, and all relevant stakeholders. This policy will be reviewed and updated annually or as may be required.

6. Actively promoting this policy across all levels of our employees and encouraging them to embrace quality as their personal commitment.

This policy sets the framework for driving our quality programmes with the sole objective of developing a quality culture of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

Managing Director
Sono Nigeria Limited